Crystal Growing Systems

PVA TePla is the leading distributor of systems for the high tech industry, like the semiconductor- and
photovoltaicindustry. The company is able to offer all relevant crystal growing methods, especially for the
growing of mono- and multicrystalline silicon crystals.

Our customers are always convinced by our crucial advance in technology and our individually compiled solutions.

Crystal Pulling Systems (CZ)


Crystal Pulling Systems (CZ) Production systems for Silizium and Germanium
(SolarCrystallizer 22, Typ EKZ 2700, Typ EKZ 3500, Typ EKZ 3000, CGS-Lab)

In the production of silicon and germanium crystals with the Czochralski method, crystal pulling equipment is used. This type of equipment mainly varies in areas basically correlated to crystal diameter and length, but all systems have the following features in ... mehr more


Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF)


Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) Production systems for compound semiconductors
(Typ Kronos, Multi Crystallizer)

In today’s fast-developing information society, methods for rapid, broadband data transmission are gaining constantly in importance. For optoelectronic and high-frequency applications, increasing use is being made of low-dislocation compound semiconductors. ... mehr more


OKZ series for R&D


OKZ series for R&D OKZ series, methods for the crystals of tomorrow
(Typ OKZ 300)

The OKZ 300/100 is a new crystal puller for the growth of high melting point (> 2000° C) oxide crystals. It offers maximum accurate crystal motion and weight control with an exceptional independency of cooling water temperature ... mehr more


Floatzone Systems


Floatzone Systems Floatzone Systems
(Typ FZ 14, Typ FZ 14 M, Typ FZ 30, Typ SR 120)

FZ (Floatzone-) Systems produce ultra pure mono-crystalline crystals. This material is mainly used for high performance electronics and for the production of poly-silicon. mehr more


SiC Crystal Growth Furnaces for Power Electronic Applications


SiC Crystal Growth Furnaces SiC Crystal Growth Furnaces
(Typ SiCube, Typ baSiC-T)

PVA TePla offers Equipment Solutions for the Power Electronic industry to produce SiC-crystals (PVT and HTCVD). ... mehr more


Additional Equipment for Cz - Crystal Growth Furnaces


SiC Crystal Growth Furnaces Cz - Equipment
(Active Crystal Cooling, Mobile Feeder, Crucible Loading System, Ingot Handling Cart, Management System "Octopus")

To upgrade new or existing systems, PVA TePla offers additional crystal growth equipment for processoptimization ... mehr more



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