Slim Rod Pullers - The SR Series


Slim rod pullers are used to convert polysilicon source rods of approx. 25-50 mm diameter into slim rods of approx. 7-10 mm diameter and lengths of up to 2,500 mm.


This machine is very effective since two slim rods are produced at the same time, using a double hole HF-coil connected to one generator. Every care has been taken to make the machine very operator-friendly and to allow fast restart of pulling after harvest of the produced slimrods. The glow in the source rods is maintained during harvest. This is made possible through a special valve closing between the main and upper chamber during the process. One set of source rods will yield 12 to 50 slimrods depending on the diameter of the source rods and the length of the slim rods.


Topsoe has developed and built slim rod pullers since the mid sixties, and has supplied a large quantity to the polysilicon industry over the years.



 Slim Rod Pullers - The SR Series  
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