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2. Februar 2016

11th HSBC SRI Conference


23. März 2016

Veröffentlichung Geschäftsbericht 2015


24. März 2016



13. Mai 2016

Veröffentlichung Quartalsmitteilung - Q1


14. Juni 2016

Ordentliche Hauptversammlung

Kongresshalle Gießen

12. August 2016

Veröffentlichung Q2-Bericht


11. November 2016

Veröffentlichung Quartalsmitteilung - Q3


21.-23. November 2016



Corporate Governance

1. Shareholders

Our shareholders exercise their rights at the Annual General Meeting. They may exercise their voting rights personally or through a proxy acting in accordance with the shareholder’s instructions. Proxies are nominated by the Management Board and their names are announced in the letter of invitation to the Annual General Meeting. We publish the documents for the invitation to the Annual General Meeting on our website.