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Monitor the performance of the PVA TePla share and profit from the corporate success of PVA TePla AG!

The PVA TePla share has been listed on the Prime Standard, the premium segment of Deutsche Börse AG, since January 1, 2003. It has also been listed on the S-DAX since September 2021.

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Dr. Gert Fisahn

Dr. Gert Fisahn

Investor Relations

Condensed Information

Security Code: 746100 (bearer shares)
ISIN: DE0007461006
Ticker Symbol: TPE
Reuters Symbol: TPEG
Segment: S-DAX
Sector: Advanced Industrial Equipment
Number of Shares: 21,749,988
Share Capital: EUR 21,749,988
Contingent Share Capital: EUR 5,437,497 (limited until June 22, 2027)

Shareholding Structure

Free float 100%

Price Performance

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