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We know that social, environmental and economic activities and performance influence each other and have tangible interactions. As a supplier to pioneering key industries, we conduct our business responsibly, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders.

Sustainability is more than mere compliance with ordinances and regulations. It must be the expression of a constant and serious effort to permanently improve our economic, ecological and social aspects. We also want our employees to be motivated to work for a responsible company.

We can exert a particular influence through the design and development of our products. Through our pioneering technologies such as manufacturing processes for silicon carbide crystals (SiC crystals), we contribute to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of our customers' products and their customers. For example, SiC-based power devices, such as those manufactured on our equipment, require significantly less energy for the same or higher performance compared to conventional silicon-based power chips.

More details on PVA TePla's sustainability activities can be found in the reports below, which will be published annually from 2020 to supplement the Annual Report.

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Dr. Gert Fisahn

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