2018 Annual General Meeting of PVA TePla AG

The Annual General Meeting of PVA TePla AG, Wettenberg, was held today at the Giessen Congress Center and led by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Alexander von Witzleben. All items on the agenda were passed with a large majority, and around xx% of shareholders were in attendance.

Business figures – significant increase in incoming orders

In his presentation to shareholders, CEO Alfred Schopf outlined the business figures for the past fiscal year. He said that the forecasts for sales revenues and earnings were fulfilled at EUR 85.3 million and EUR 5.5 million respectively. Incoming orders and the order backlog more than doubled and represent the very good prospect for business development in the years to come. This was mainly driven by large-scale orders in crystal growing, but other business units also made a positive contribution to incoming orders. The break-even point and thus the cost structure were kept stable.

Capacity planning and workplace of the future

Oliver Höfer – the Board of Management member responsible for production and technology – described the capacity planning required in order to execute the major orders from the semiconductor industry: These orders can be processed without significant cost increases using flexible working models, flow production, and pooling and personnel adjustment of capacity with other subsidiaries or within the Group as a whole. Oliver Höfer then gave a brief introduction to virtual reality and its significance for production at PVA TePla. This technology is already in use at the Jena plant and is being optimized further as a pilot workplace in order to test and integrate the latest technology there. In addition, the digital transformation has already made an impact on many areas of work, he said.

Silicon carbide – significant semiconductor material of the future

Alfred Schopf then explained the significance of the semiconductor material silicon carbide as a key technological development for the future, driven in particular by the growth of electric mobility. A sharp rise in incoming orders from a whole range of customers around the world is expected here in the years to come.

Forecast for fiscal 2018 confirmed

The forecast for the key figures for 2018 was confirmed once again: Consolidated sales revenues and the operating result (EBITDA) are expected to be in the order of EUR 94 million and EUR 11 million respectively. Alfred Schopf explained that incoming orders in 2018 were developing in a very stable and pleasing manner. At the end of May, the PVA TePla Group’s incoming orders were at around EUR 66 million 90% higher than in the same period of the previous year. Significant portions of sales revenues will not be realized until after final acceptance by the customer in the fourth quarter of this year.

Finally, Alfred Schopf thanked for the excellent work of his predecessor and company founder Peter Abel, from whom he took over as CEO after the 2017 Annual General Meeting. His strategic vision would have made the company what it is today: a technology leader that is at home in many important future markets, offering not only a high order backlog but also an outstanding business perspective.

In the subsequent general discussion, the questions from shareholders and shareholder representatives about the company and the items on the agenda were answered satisfactorily.

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