CGS GmbH receives the largest order for silicon carbide crystal growing systems so far

PVA Crystal Growing Systems GmbH (CGS GmbH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PVA TePla AG, Wettenberg, Germany, has received an order from the leading European silicon carbide (SiC) wafer manufacturer to supply a medium double-digit number of systems for the serial production of SiC crystals.

SiC crystals are used in the semiconductor industry to produce wafers, which are then processed into high-performance components. Compared to the mainly used semiconductor material silicon, silicon carbide components are significantly more energy-efficient and temperature-resistant.

"Power electronics is a rapidly growing market worldwide”, says Dr. Mühe, managing director of CGS GmbH. “In particular, e-mobility and the related infrastructure, such as charging stations will need SiC wafers. The steadily growing photovoltaic market as well as the offshore energy market has great interest in highly efficient components which are used for feeding the solar power into the public power grid. After four years of intensive development work, we can offer our worldwide customers SiC crystal growing systems today which guarantee the best performance as well as the highest reliability and productivity. In the medium term, we expect a significant increase in demand from Europe, the US, and especially from China, where e-mobility and the use of solar energy continue to grow strongly."

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