Further high-vacuum hot press for diffusion bonding delivered

The market for high-vacuum hot presses for diffusion bonding of micro heat exchangers (especially PCHEs and FPHEs) has grown steadily in the past few years.

The technical requirements have developed towards greater pressing forces and usable space dimensions as well as higher accuracies with regard to force and temperature distribution. PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH has successfully mastered these challenges and recently delivered a 6000 kN hot press with 800 * 800 * 700 mm³ usable space dimensions to an Asian customer. The experience and expertise of PVA as well as the references proven in the market were particularly important for this customer. More than a dozen high-vacuum diffusion bonding systems from PVA are producing worldwide to the satisfaction of their operators.

Diffusion bonding of heat exchangers offers significant advantages compared to the better known brazing method. The workpieces can be connected without any additives, so that the joint seam almost reaches the strength and properties of the base material. Due to the homogeneous force distribution, even large components can be joined reliably. The hot press will go into operation in spring 2019 and will make its contribution to hydrogen production and preparation.

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