Great order intake 2021 - More than tripling compared to previous year

• Group sales of EUR 155.7 million (2020: EUR 137.0 million)

• EBITDA at EUR 23.0 million (2020: EUR 22.7 million)

• Order intake at EUR 312.5 million (2020: EUR 92.7 million)

• Order backlog at EUR 283.3 million (2020: EUR 125.0 million)


PVA TePla AG (ISIN DE0007461006), a major systems manufacturer and equipment supplier for the semiconductor industry and for high-tech materials, today published its Annual Report 2021.

Group sales - segment sales

For the PVA TePla Group, the fiscal year 2021 was characterized by further growth and, in particular, a very high order intake. Consolidated sales revenue grew by 13.6% from EUR 137.0 million in 2020 to EUR 155.7 million. The operating result before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) rose slightly to EUR 23.0 million (previous year: EUR 22.7 million). Thus, the forecast - sales between EUR 140 -150 million and earnings (EBITDA) between EUR 18 -20 million, published in March 2021 - was significantly exceeded.

Sales in the Semiconductor Systems division increased by a further 29% to EUR 117.8 million in fiscal year 2021 (previous year: EUR 91.4 million). The main growth drivers were sales of crystal growing systems for the semiconductor wafer industry and metrology systems. The Industrial Systems Division achieved sales of EUR 37.9 million (previous year: EUR 45.6 million). Brazing systems for the electrical industry, process systems for vacuum sintering of hard metals, diffusion brazing systems for complex, high-purity workpieces such as heat exchangers accounted for the majority of system sales.

Very high order intake - threefold increase compared with 2021 - order backlog until 2025

At EUR 312.5 million, the PVA TePla Group achieved the highest order intake in the company's history. In all three product lines - Crystal Growing, Metrology and Advanced Materials - new highs in order intake were achieved. At the end of 2021, the order backlog thus amounted to EUR 283.3 million. The order backlog has a range into the year 2025. 

Outlook and forecast

In the coming years, the high level of investment in the semiconductor industry will continue and the PVA TePla Group will benefit from this in many ways due to its broad technology portfolio. For the fiscal year 2022, sales revenues in the range of EUR 170 - 180 million and EBITDA between EUR 25 and 27 million are expected and thus again a significant increase compared to 2021. The medium-term target is to achieve consolidated sales revenues of EUR 250 million with an EBIT margin of 15% in the fiscal year 2024.

 "We continue to expect significant growth in the semiconductor industry. The Advanced Materials business with its vacuum and high-temperature process equipment is also benefiting from investments in the semiconductor industry and also in renewable energies," explains CEO Manfred Bender and continues, "one challenge in the current fiscal year will certainly be the possible effects of supply bottlenecks. We are working at full speed to keep these as low as possible. In this respect, the PVA TePla Group benefits from its business model of having long-term orders at our disposal, so that we can place our orders with our suppliers at an early stage. "

The audited consolidated financial statements 2021 are published on March 24, 2022 and can be downloaded from the company's website as of this date.


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