NEW: Scanning Accoustic Microscopy (SAM)

A widely used inspection method in chip manufacturing expands the range of services offered by PVA Vacuum Processing Services.

Ultrasonic microscopy is a non-destructive testing method which produces images of the interior by utilizing ultrasonic frequencies. Since Ultrasonic microscopy is particularly efficient at interfaces between solid or liquid matter and gas, it can be used in all industrial fields.

SAM at by PVA Vacuum Processing Services - a supplement to the service spectrum

By introducing this process, PVA LWT is able to substantially expand its portfolio of technological services. 

Until now, the success of vacuum brazing and diffusion bonding could traditionally only be assessed by leakage test and/or visual inspection. Information on the bonding surface could only be generated destructively by metallographic sections, which took a lot of time or was often not possible. With  SAM, the missing information can now be collected at short notice.

In addition to testing of in-house brazed and bonded components, isolated testing of other components can be requested from PVA LWT. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Higher information content: SAM provides specific information on the entire scan plane, so that the complete joining surface can be imaged for welded, soldered or bonded components
  • Shorter development times: the implementation of the technology at the Wettenberg site makes it possible to examine processed components on site within a short period of time; as a result optimizations and qualifications in development projects can be implemented quickly
  • Assurance of quality in series production: non-destructive testing is easy to integrate into production processes. Thanks to the state-of-the-art testing system technology, the test duration can be kept very short.
  • High-frequency testing makes it possible to determine information about coating thicknesses for coatings and paints. 

Inhouse Technology

With PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH on board, the company is also well equipped to meet special challenges and special applications. For more than 30 years, it has specialized in high-resolution ultrasonic scanning microscopes for non-destructive material testing.

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