Opening of Europe's largest competence center for Diffusion Bonding

Due to the sharp rise in interest, PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik GmbH, which is responsible for process technology, invests in a second large diffusion bonding furnace at its Wettenberg site. The plant has now been commissioned and is already well utilized.

Among others, components for high-precision optics and systems of well-known European and American companies in the field of chip production are processed. In addition, the current customer base includes manufacturers for the infrastructure of electromobility (high-performance heat exchangers for hydrogen) and producers for plastic injection molding. 

In addition to development projects and smaller series, the unique plant technology can also be used to fulfill larger series orders. The result is a unique industrial infrastructure that is unparalleled anywhere in the world: The "Competence Center for Diffusion Bonding". The size and capabilities of the two furnaces, as well as the capacity now available, appeals to an even broader range of customers and opens up additional solutions and growth markets.

Dr. Jan Pfeiffer, Managing Director of PVA Löt- und Werkstofftechnik: "Confidence in the technology and the demand for Diffusion Bonding is increasing year by year. We expect more systems to find their place alongside this one in the not too distant future."



A special joining technique with high innovation potential
Diffusion Bonding is a welding process which, although with a long tradition, has only recently undergone rapid development. The process produces joints that are invisible to the naked eye without the addition of additives and without melting the materials. Even under high magnification, transitions can hardly be perceived. The properties of diffusion-bonded components are correspondingly unique:

  • special strengths
  • highest corrosion resistance
  • no cross contamination

Many new applications in power engineering, semiconductors, tooling, and aerospace are increasingly taking advantage of this.

Diffusion Bonding: a strategic technology of the PVA TePla Group
The PVA TePla Group is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial diffusion bonding furnaces. In addition to the actual system technology, part of the Group offers the technology as a service. The close partnership between plant engineering and application technology is an essential part of the recipe for success. Since entering this promising technology, PVA has made enormous progress in terms of plant and process technology. This means that customers from all branches of industry can benefit from many years of expertise and quickly find solutions for the most demanding components. This facilitates the entry into the special process.

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