PVA TePla enjoys significant earnings upturn

  • Stable operating operations and earnings upturn in Q1/2020
  • Sales revenues almost on par with previous year at EUR 26.4 million despite constraints due to COVID-19
  • Gross margin improves considerably to 30% EBITDA up 6% at EUR 2.5 million
  • Equity ratio stable at 31.7%
  • Sound liquidity creates room for maneuver

At EUR 26.4 million, the PVA TePla Group’s sales revenues were approximately on par with the year prior (EUR 29.4 million). Considerable restrictions on international travel caused delays in the final acceptance of systems by international customers.

PVA TePla’s earnings saw a disproportionately large upturn given that the business volume remained virtually unchanged year on year. The gross margin improved to an encouraging 30.0% (previous year: 26.2%), EBITDA was up on the same quarter of the previous year both in absolute and in percentage terms (9.3%; previous year: 7.9%) at EUR 2.5 million (previous year: EUR 2.3 million) and EBIT amounted to EUR 1.5 million (previous year: EUR 1.4 million).

Incoming orders came to EUR 16.6 million (previous year: EUR 61.6 million). After excluding the major orders received in the same period of the previous year, this figure is comparable to the prior period.

Total assets rose slightly against that of December 31, 2019 to EUR 183.8 million (December 31, 2019: EUR 180.9 million). Equity increased to EUR 58.3 million (December 31, 2019: EUR 57.3 million), with the equity ratio remaining constant at 31.7% (December 31, 2019: 31.7%).

“No customers have canceled orders and we are going into the next quarters with a good order buffer. With its product portfolio in the semiconductor equipment industry, PVA TePla enjoys success even under the current difficult conditions. A number of measures we have introduced ensure that we are able to maintain our business operations – especially production and logistics – worldwide. Our sound liquidity (EUR 32.6 million) and additional unused credit facilities secure the financial stability of PVA TePla and its subsidiaries. This gives us additional scope for action in the short and medium term,” said CEO Alfred Schopf.

PVA TePla performed well in the first quarter against the backdrop of a tough environment. Business development remains stable. Depending on the business and market environment going forward, the Management Board cannot rule out that sales revenues and earnings may be the same as or lower than the previous year’s figures.

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