PVA IVS supplies largest sintering furnace for silicon carbide

In 2018, the second large-scale plant for sintering silicon carbide (SiC) was delivered to a long-term customer in southern France.

The sintering furnace is characterized by a high operating temperature of 2.200 °C and impresses by its enormous size with a useful space of 1.750 x 1.000 x 2.200 mm³. This is the largest SiC sintering furnace of company’s history.

In a debinding and sintering process, in a first step organic binder is removed from machined parts made of pressed SiC powder blanks. In the second step, the parts are sintered to high-strength components. These parts are characterized by low weight and high resistance to temperature shocks and chemical attacks. Thus they are used as basic structures for the construction of satellites and space telescopes as well as for chemical reactors.

In the first furnace runs our customer was able to realize an extremely good product quality over the entire usable space, as proof of the special efficiency and excellent productivity of the system.

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