PVA TePla exceeds targets in fiscal year 2018 – Record order backlog secures growth trajectory in sub-sequent years

  • Consolidated sales revenues: EUR 96.8 million [2017: EUR 85.4 million]
  • Incoming orders: EUR 135 million [2017: EUR 163.9 million]
  • Order backlog: EUR 171.5 million [2017: EUR 129.1 million]

Sales revenue growth
According to provisional and unaudited figures, the PVA TePla Group, Wettenberg, concluded fiscal year 2018 with a considerable increase in sales revenues and a further upturn in incoming orders.
Consolidated sales revenues of the PVA TePla Group climbed by approximately 13% to EUR 96.8 million [previous year: EUR 85.4 million]. Of this figure, the Semiconductor Systems division posted EUR 59.5 million (+14%) and the Industrial Systems division EUR 37.3 million (+12%).

High incoming orders and order backlog
Incoming orders at EUR 135 million exceeded consolidated sales revenues by almost 40%. As expected the previous-year figure of EUR 163.9 million (which was impacted by a large order) was not achieved. The Industrial Systems division saw order volume surge by EUR 33% to EUR 52.9 million (previous year: EUR 40.4 million). The Semiconductor Systems division generated incoming orders of EUR 82.1 million, an increase of 48% on 2017 adjusted for the large order.
As a result of successful new business, the order backlog in the PVA TePla Group rose by 33% to the record figure of EUR 171.5 million to the end of 2018 [previous year: EUR 129.1 million]. Of this EUR 52.7 million related to the Industrial Systems division (+57%) and EUR 118.9 million to the Semiconductor Systems division (+25%). "The high order buffer reflects especially strong demand from the wafer industry for applications in micro and high-performance electronics,” commented Alfred Schopf, CEO of PVA TePla. "This secures our development this year, and beyond well."  
The audited consolidated financial statements together with the annual forecast for the present fiscal year will be published on March 28, 2019, and can be downloaded from the company’s website www.pvatepla.com from that date.

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