Adhoc: Technology Cooperation

PVA TePla AG concludes technology cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Lixin Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd., China, a Golden Concord Ltd. Group company (GCL)

The cooperation agreement covers the provision of technology for the production of crystal growing systems and technological support by experts from the PVA TePla Group. Explicitly excluded are the process zones of the systems.

Transfer of the technology outside the GCL Group of companies is contractually excluded. Systems may only be manufactured for GCL’s own use. The agreement does not impose any restrictions on the PVA TePla Group in terms of the global marketing of its systems.

PVA TePla AG receives a one-off payment for provision and technology support and additional standard license fees for each system produced by GCL on the basis of PVA TePla technology. At the same time, the delivery of various types of crystal growing systems was agreed. For the future, the delivery of measurement, analysis and plasma systems will also be negotiated.

Based on the aforementioned one-off payment, the Executive Board expects the PVA TePla Group´s operating earnings to almost double in the 2018 financial year.

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