Industrial Systems

The Industrial Systems Division of PVA TePla specializes in the development, construction and marketing of vacuum heat treatment furnaces for processing high-quality materials  ... pfeil more

Semiconductor Systems

PVA TePla is offering in that Division high tech systems for the semiconductor and solar industry, starting with systems for the production of silicon crystals for ... pfeil more



(Adhoc)-PVA TePla AG concludes technology cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Lixin Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd., China, a Golden Concord Ltd. Group company (GCL)
The cooperation agreement covers the provision of technology for the production of crystal growing systems and technological support by experts from the PVA TePla Group. ... pfeil more

PVA TePla baSiC-T

New Generation SiC Crystal Growth Furnace:

  • Designed for Power Electronic Applications

  • Available for 4´´ and 6´´

  • Low power consumption

  • Mobile loading/unloading concept for hot zone


baSiC-T - Next Generation SiC crystal growth furnace

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high temperature, vacuum, pressure, plasma

PVA TePla: Vacuum heat treatment furnaces

PVA TePla offers their clients furnaces in which high-tech materials under specific conditions are processed

  • High Temperature
  • Vacuum
  • Pressure
  • Plasma