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With our high-quality vacuum furnaces for sintering, joining, welding, and melting as well as our comprehensive service, we support your production, cleaning, and refining of high-quality materials and in the realization of extremely high-performance composite materials.

Our Technologies

Powder Metallurgy

We offer you systems for

  • Vacuum sintering of metallic materials (e.g., hard metal) and ceramic materials (e.g. silicon carbide and silicon nitride)
  • Hot-isostatic pressing
  • Vacuum sintering with vacuum debinding and hydrogen debinding
  • Sintering of tantalum and molybdenum
  • Carburizing of metal/metal oxide powders to form metal carbides

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Vacuum & Nitriding Systems

Joining Technology

High-performance systems for

  • Vacuum brazing of vacuum interrupters, components for medical devices (e.g. rotating anodes for X-ray machines), instruments (pressure measurement probes, thermo-elements, sensors), diamond and hard metal tools, and ceramic components
  • Vacuum brazing of heat exchangers, cooling plates, EGR coolers, and electron tubes and current leads
  • Diffusion bonding of close-contour cooled forms, hot-runner manifolds for the plastic injection-molding industry, heat exchangers, machine parts and components for the aerospace industry, and power plant parts

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Vacuum & Nitriding Systems

Heat Treatment

High-temperature vacuum systems with graphitic heat use and integrated gas treatment for

  • Degassing and cleaning, e.g., graphite components (reducing the ash content)
  • Bright annealing and stress-relief annealing
  • Recycling of contaminated graphite components (e.g., from epitaxy processes MOCVD)
  • CVD coating of graphite with silicon carbide (SiC)
  • Sintering
  • Infiltration
  • Vacuum and inert-gas brazing

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Vacuum & Nitriding Systems

Melting Metallurgy

We offer you vacuum, melting, and casting systems

  • For manufacturing semi-finished products and components from special metals or alloys
  • For material development in steelworks, institutes, and foundries
  • For processing precious metals in the dental, electronics, and watchmaking and jewelry industries
  • For manufacturing shape-memory alloys for the electronics and automotive industries
  • For precision fine casting and investment casting in the metal-processing industry
  • For monocrystalline vertical gradient freeze processes, for instance, for turbine blades

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Vacuum & Nitriding Systems

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