Plasma Technology / Cleaning & Refining Materials

In semiconductor manufacturing processes, our plasma systems offer maximum process reliability for a large number of application areas in the front and back ends.

Our plasma nitriding systems support industry and research efforts to increase the reliability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion of components that are subjected to mechanical stress.

Our Technologies

Cleaning and Activating Surfaces in the Semiconductor Field

By conserving materials and cutting costs, our plasma processes support you

With photo resist processes

  • For cleaning and activating surfaces
  • For complete resist stripping or resist ashing
  • For the partial removal (descumming or flash process) from a wide variety of substrates—frequently used in the manufacturing of thin wafers, semiconductor components, MEMS, and opto-electronic components

With surface conditioning using plasma processes in semiconductor packaging

  • For cleaning prior to the underfilling of FlipChip components
  • For removing surface oxide layers and for surface activation—widely used primarily in today’s semiconductor industry to improve yield and reliability, for example, during the application of micro-chips, wire bonding, and during potting or underfilling of components

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Metrology & Plasma Solutions

Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing in the Industrial Field

Our PlaTeG-PPN systems allow various processes to be performed for specific applications—also in combination

  • PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing PPN™/PPNC™
  • Plasma nitriding (430 °C–600 °C) of components made of steel, cast iron, and sintered iron to increase resistance to wear and corrosion
  • LT PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing LT-PPN™/LT-PPNC™ low-temperature-plasma nitriding (350 °C–430 °C) of tools and components made of rust- and acid-resistant stainless steel to increase wear resistance without sacrificing corrosion resistance
  • HT-PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing HT-PPN™/HT-PPNC™ high-temperature-plasma nitriding (600 °C–900 °C) of components made of titanium or titanium alloys
  • PulsPlasma® oxidation PPO™
  • Oxidation/postoxidation of steel components for increased corrosion resistance and/or reduced friction of surfaces
  • PulsPlasma®Surface Activation PPSA™—plasma cleaning and surface activation of components to optimize preparation for subsequent diffusion processes

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Vacuum & Nitriding Systems

Systems for Use in the Industrial & Life Science Field

With the help of plasma technology, we support our customers in the fields of Life Science and Industrial according to individual requirements

  • By improving surface adhesion of components through critical cleaning of glass, metal, plastic, polymers, and composite materials prior to bonding, painting, and gluing
  • By cleaning or sterilizing surgical implants, bio-materials, and medical components

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