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Quality inspection using ultrasound, optical, laser, and VPD technologies enable non-destructive measurement and inspection of materials and components, primarily for the semiconductor industry.

Our Technologies

Determining Shearing Stress on Wafers

Our SIRD and SIRIS systems enable

  • Reliable monitoring of epitaxy reactors with a particular focus on the wafer edge region
  • Monitoring and optimizing of high-temperature or abrasive processes in the manufacturing of silicon wafers for semiconductor components, solar cells, and other materials for opto-electronic components
  • The evaluation of global stress or localized defects both on the entire silicon wafer as well as in defined areas

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Metrology & Plasma Solutions

Implant Process Monitoring

Our fully automated TWIN technology enables

  • Monitoring of conventional beam-line implanters directly after the implant process
  • Measurement of a wafer up to 300 mm in diameter or a small area with high local resolution, micro-scans with repetition of the measurement within several micrometers
  • Recording of a frequency curve to determine the optimum measuring frequency, a temperature-stabilized measurement, and the calculation and extraction of healing at room temperature

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Metrology & Plasma Solutions

Inspection of Surface Contamination

With our VPD method (Vapor Phase Decomposition), we enable

  • Reliable analysis of wafers and semiconductor components to a concentration range of 107 at/cm²
  • Etching of the wafer surface with gaseous hydrogen fluoride (HF) to ensure absolute purity and safe handling of the HF gases.
  • Collection of contamination and concentration in a small droplet using the PAD scan. This module offers various scan patterns, advanced handling of droplets, and preparation of the subsequent analysis.
  • Preparation for the Analysis

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Metrology & Plasma Solutions

Ultrasonic Inspection

Our SAM systems and software provide options for

  • Non-destructive testing of opaque (optically non-transparent) materials for quality and process control as well as for research applications
  • Fully-automated detection of cavities, voids, bubbles, inclusions, and delamination—particularly suitable for wafer inspection, bond checking, and MEMS inspection.
  • Combinations of ultrasonic microscopy and optical microscopy—particularly suitable for research and industrial applications
  • Analysis and evaluation of specific customer samples

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Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

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