First 200 bar Sinter-HIP plant under construction

PVA is a leading manufacturer of Sinter-HIP-furnaces for the international hard metal industry. These systems, model series "COD", have been built at PVA for over 35 years in the pressure classes ...

... 60 and 100 bar. In them, commercially available hard metal parts with a wide range of powder properties and shaping processes can be sintered to virtually ideal density. However, there are also carbide applications for which even higher sintering pressures are desired and which today can only be produced in the desired quality with the help of the so-called "post-hipping", a very expensive additional process.
For these applications, PVA is now launching a new 200 bar device generation on the market, for which a number of new design and construction solutions had to be developed. With the delivery of the vessel, the project is now entering its assembly phase.

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