Forecast for 2017 confirmed. Incoming orders more than doubled in 2017.

Forecast for 2018/2019: double-digit growth rates for sales revenues and earnings in each year.

The PVA TePla Group is confirming its forecasted targets of consolidated sales revenues of EUR 85 million and EBITDA of 6% for fiscal year 2017.

Incoming orders in 2017
PVA TePla AG, Wettenberg, a manufacturer of systems for the production of industrial crystals, vacuum and high-temperature systems, plasma systems, and systems for nondestructive quality inspection, recorded incoming orders of just under EUR 164 million for fiscal year 2017. This represents an increase in incoming orders of more than 130% compared to the previous year (EUR 70.5 million).

All product areas of the subsidiaries posted at least double-digit growth rates as against the previous year. In the industrial segment, growth came to around 50%. In the semiconductor segment, there was a particularly notable development in orders for crystalgrowing systems from PVA Crystal Growing Systems GmbH, which totaled approximately EUR 80 million (up EUR 69 million year-on-year). The Analytical Systems segment posted a 67% increase in incoming orders.

Outlook for fiscal 2018 and 2019
Also in the current year, there are further major projects in the pipeline. The Management Board anticipates an increase in consolidated sales revenues and earnings (EBITDA) of around 10% compared to 2017. For 2019, further growth in sales revenues and earnings in the region of 30% is anticipated.

The 2017 Annual Report will be published on March 28, 2018, and can be downloaded from the company’s website from that date.

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