PVA TePla Holds Virtual Annual General Meeting

The shareholders of PVA TePla AG (FWB: TPE) – a leading producer of systems for semiconductor equipment – today adopted the proposed resolutions 1- 9 presented by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board at this year’s virtual Annual General Meeting.

The proposed resolutions 10 – 11 - Creation of new authorized capital and authorization to issue warrant and/or convertible bonds – did not find a majority.

55.32% of the share capital was represented at the Annual General Meeting, which was broadcast live on the Internet in its entirety for shareholders.

Manfred Bender: New CEO

The chair of the meeting and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Alexander von Witzleben welcomed the new CEO Manfred Bender to his first Annual General Meeting for PVA TePla AG. Manfred Bender then introduced himself in detail, emphasizing that as a long-standing Management Board member and CEO of the neighboring company Pfeiffer Vacuum he already knew PVA TePla AG well and was very familiar with the relevant markets. He had used the half-year transition period together with co-CEO Alfred Schopf to familiarize himself intensively with the company’s structures and technologies.

Thanks to Alfred Schopf

Alexander von Witzleben then thanked the departing CEO Alfred Schopf for his highly successful work at the company. In particular, Alfred Schopf had steadily increased the company’s operating earnings over the past years and was not just leaving behind a rock-solid company but had also opened up new, strategic action options for the company with his work. Furthermore, he had recognized the great potential in this high-tech company before others and had explained this and presented it extremely successfully in his communication with the investor base.

Management Board Speech and Presentation

Alfred Schopf explained the results for 2020. Despite the considerable difficulties caused by the pandemic in the past fiscal year, there was a slight increase in consolidated sales revenues to EUR 137 million accompanied by stronger growth in operating earnings. This was the best result in the company’s history.

Manfred Bender then explained the company’s strategic orientation, which is mainly based on the previous work. Incoming orders in the first quarter of 2021 were already well above the previous year’s level, he said, and everything indicated that very good incoming orders were to be expected in the current fiscal year in view of the excellent project pipeline.

In the first half of the year, he anticipated incoming orders of more than EUR 90 million.

Other than this, the forecast of consolidated sales revenues of EUR 140 million to EUR 150 million and operating earnings (EBITDA) between EUR 18 million and EUR 20 million for the current fiscal year was confirmed.

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