Ultrasonic microscopy: Expansion and strengthening of strategic business field

PVA TePla AG is acquiring Okos Solutions, LLC in Manassas, Virginia (USA), a leading producer of ultrasound measuring equipment.

Okos develops and builds this measuring equipment for assessing the quality of high-tech materials in industrial applications, such as aerospace, and for the semiconductor market. By acquiring this company, the PVA TePla Group is substantially improving its access to the US market for its ultrasound product area.

PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH, which already holds an excellent position on the semiconductor market with its ultrasonic systems, is expanding its market position on the US market by significantly intensifying its sales and service at customers. In return, PVA TePla Analytical Systems will be selling Okos measuring equipment in European territories. A further joint growth region is Asia, where the two companies will be bundling their activities moving ahead.

“Our metrology business has achieved double-digit growth every year in the past, and we anticipate excellent prospects for the future as well. The fact that we can now make our position on the US market more sustainable is a key step in our long-term strategic approach. I am also pleased that we now have a stronger foothold in the industrial field of metrology as well, as this also offers excellent opportunities for growth on account of the continuing significant rise in materials requirements,” says Alfred Schopf, CEO of PVA TePla AG.

PVA TePla Analytical Systems and Okos Solutions also plan to work together on the development of ultrasound inspection systems, software solutions, and the manufacture of components.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


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